Sea Otter Taggers & Tanneries

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, under authorization of the the Marine Mammal Protection Act, have regulations that require that all sea otter hides and skulls be tagged by a representative of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

The Marking, Tagging, and Reporting Program (MTRP) is implemented through resident MTRP taggers located in coastal villages and communities throughout Alaska. The main purpose of the program is to track Alaska Native harvest and to control the illegal take, trade or transport of marine mammal parts. The MTRP Program has been in place since 1988.

The Rule requires that sea otter hides and skulls be tagged within 30 days of harvest. Failure to comply can result in serious fines and/or seizure of the items (up to $10,000 for each infraction).

There are more than 150 taggers located in 103 villages. If you have pelts that need to be tagged, TASSC is a tagger in the Old Harbor area.

Tanneries must be registered with the USFWS and the MTRP Program maintains a list of authorized tanneries or Registered Agents (Individuals or businesses that can buy/sell raw/unaltered marine mammal hides and parts from and to eligible Alaska Natives). Contact MTRP staff for a copy of the most recent registered tanneries.

To find out if there is a tagger in your community or for a list of authorized tanneries, please contact TASSC at 800.474.4362 or MTRP Staff with the USFWS at 800.362.5148.

You may also access the Tagger list here

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