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Downloads of Interest

Determination of Alaska Native Status Under the Marine Mammal Protection Act – by Dr. Steve Langdon published by Sealaska Heritage Foundation, published August 2016

USFWS Guidance on What is Significantly Altered published 2013

National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) Alaska Region and Office of Law Enforcement Joint Guidance Regarding the Collection of Humpback Whale, Steller Sea Lion, Bearded Seal and Ringed Seal Parts (Bones, Teeth or Ivory) in Alaska 

A Customs Guide to Alaska Native Arts by the Alaska State Council on the Arts

Alaska Native Artist Resource Workbook by the Alaska State Council on the Arts

Steller Sea Lion Research & Management

Results of Steller Sea Lion Surveys in Alaska, June-July 2017:  Kathryn Sweeney, Lowell Fritz, Rod Towell, and Thomas Gelatt Marine Mammal Laboratory, Alaska Ecosystem Program. November 2017

Seasonal Abundance of Steller Sea Lions at the Akwe and Alsek River Haul-outs, Alaska, 2010, Richards and Oehlers, USDA Forest Service, 2010

Revised Steller Sea Lion Recovery Plan, NMFS, 2008