More Steller Sea Lion Biosampling Trainings Planned

TASSC is pleased to announce that we received funding to hold additional Steller Sea Lion Biosampling Trainings over this next year! We want to continue to work with those who are already trained in the program, but we also want to focus on youth trainings and work with tribes and organizations to support customary and traditional use plus science training during culture and science camps.

If you are interested in being trained in the protocol or would like a training during your culture/science camp, please do not hesitate to contact us at 1-800-474-4362 or via email at The program is designed to be something that can be done quickly and easily in the field and valuable information is gained through the samples and information collected. We want to especially work with young adults and emerging hunters to foster their interest.

If you have questions that can answered through data or samples collected through the program please let us know and we’ll work to answer your questions!

For more information about the biosampling program please click here.